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Dec 15, 2017 at 7:49 PM
    1. Lawnman
      2008 Nitro 3.7 heating issue. With the heat on I hardly get any heat from vents and it's not hot. With selector on cold air I get good air movement then switch back to heat barely any air movement. At idle get no heat but driving it's only warm. Flushed heater core and entire system but still no different. Engine temp rises to normal like it should and both heater hoses are hot. Any help is appreciated
      1. Scar0
        This needs to be posted on a forum. Go here.
        Scroll down, on the left side are the list of forums.
        Select the forum section which best fits your problem and do a search for similar issues. If you do not find what you need, then click on the "Post new Thread" button. Give it a title and tell us about the issue. More details the better. Most likely it would go under Electrical Problems.
        Dec 10, 2017 at 8:08 PM
    2. TheJokerrV4
      Just curious, has anyone done a write-up on a 3.7 rebuild? If not I’d be glad to do it myself. Currently have one one the stand tore down but I’m sure I can backtrack instructions.
    3. H20 U UP 2
      H20 U UP 2
      Hello, I am asking that my account be deleted / removed as I no longer have a dodge nitro. This was a good site when I first joined. I will certainly pass this site onto other I may cross that have a dodge nitro. Thanks, have a great day and god bless
    4. risch94risch94m0parjunki
      Installed daystar 2.5 but I am now having rear end sag, how can I fix this?
      1. Scar0
        Nov 27, 2017
    5. Desi Govea
      Desi Govea
      I over filled my coolant bottle and then started leaking coolant and took the reservoir off and i notice a hole below the middle screw that hold it in place on top am i missing a plug or hose or something there?
    6. Seige332
      Im trying to post some pictures with a new thread but having trouble. I tried to upload file but it says the pictures are to big. I added the pixtures to dropbox and inserted the URL but when i previewed the thread the pictures were a red X. Suggestions?
    7. GinGii
      Is there a forum section specifically for manuals?
      1. Scar0
        Not really. What kind of manual are you looking for?
        Nov 3, 2017
      2. Scar0
        Nov 3, 2017
    8. Daniel Kutz
      Daniel Kutz
      I have a 08 Nitro 2wd 3.7 l. My gas pedal stopped working. I was told it was the APPS sensor. Thats the sensor on the pedal. I replaced it, still having the same problem. Anything else that could cause this ?
    9. Deanna
      Hello, I have not been on here in a while. I have been having issues with my Nitro. I love my car but ready to trade it in.. How do I post a thread?
    10. rick klette
      rick klette
      You available for questions
    11. 09NitroMamma
      Ok so i recently replaced my heatercore in my 09 Nitro. Anyways
      I put my car back together and it stated just fine but horn wouldnt stop going off and doors wouldnt lock. From there i took my battery cables off to reset my systems. It still started but wouldnt lock n or set alarm to vehicle. I took out fuses So i did just that and no luck. I disconnected the horn its self . Now my vehicle wont start at alll.
    12. klk179
      tips on removing 02 sensor while replacing cv propeller shaft
    13. Patrick Lang
      Patrick Lang
      Hey Scar0, have you had any troubles with your 4.7L TB?
    14. Wheeler350
      Is there a way to stop the headlights from turning on when you unlock with key fob. I have a 2007 with out the EVIC system. so I am not sure if you can do this with just the key fob.
      just dont want my HID's to turn on every time that I unlock my truck.
    15. Moaz Saeed
      Moaz Saeed
      Hello, I have 2 issues that I need to share for wants suggestions.
      1. Hood Sign on my dashboard is continuously appearing, even hood is closed and locked properly..
      2. Airbag sign on my dashboard is continuously appearing, even I never made any accident and all Airbags are not yet opened.
      1. Scar0
        See the PM I responded to.
        Oct 19, 2016
    16. Raysnitro
      Hi scar0 just joined but read earlier posts and found site very helpful. Thanks for the great resource
      1. Scar0 likes this.
    17. Wontana03
      Hey scar0. 2 questions. Can you change the fan relay for engine without changing whole fan/relay setup. Reduced speed and airflow. Code calls for bad relay. Second is with 2" daystar lift, my rear still sits just under 2" lower than front. Is there a spacer and an upgraded longer rear shock that you know of to install and fix prob.
    18. Jess nitro
      Jess nitro
      Hello, thanks for the welcome... have some of the advice you gave, in regard to Starting issue i.e. turn key to run and wait for sound for the fuel pump etc... It worked well for months; now after multiple trips it started not turn over cranking. I had installed a new Starter, it still occurring, the cranking part.. Thanks
      1. Scar0
        You will need to post the above in a new thread on the forum. Follow one of the links I posted in your Newbie thread, Once there, click on the blue "Post new thread" button in the upper left.
        Aug 6, 2016
      2. Scar0
        Since it is a new thread , give as many details as possible. We like to keep specific questions in the correct section of the forums where folks would expect to find them. Not everyone reads the Newbie section.
        Aug 6, 2016
    19. Anna Pinalez
      Anna Pinalez
      How do you post into a forum? I have a towing question. TY in advance!
    20. Queen
      I'm new and I quite don't understand how to post things yet
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