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  1. Dodge Nitro For Sale
    $4500 OR BEST OFFER. OPEN TO WORTHWHILE TRADES -4 wheel drive -Power windows&locks -2 keys -Sub and amp not included, could leave head deck, or put factory back in. -Heat and air work great. -New thermostat -New air filter -New spark plugs -New coil packs on cylinders 3,4,& -New battery...
  2. Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Alright so.... my 07 nitro's A/C is not longer blowing cold air since I somehow ripped out the wiring harness under my car (by just doing a 3 point turn in my driveway lol). Took it to the deaaler to be fixed ($916 later). Had them recheck what they did... bcuz it worked when I brought it in for...
  3. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    Hey guys, I am having trouble finding OEM crossbars for my 07 Nitro. I went to the junkyard to find them and the guy at the junkyard didn't have any either, which we both thought was strange because we looked at all the nitros. I have searched everywhere and I cannot seem to find them. I have...
  4. Detailing and General Maintenance Forum
    I did a search for Nitro Spark Plugs and I keep seeing to use Copper Plugs? Is that true or can I use Platinum Plugs? We had a mechanic recommend Platinum but now I'm not so sure. I would appreciate your opinions on this, oh Wise Ones! Thanks in advance
1-4 of 4 Results