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  1. Los Angeles Roll Call!

    Newbie Check in!
    Hey guys/gals! I've had my 2007 Nitro since 2009(or 2010? I cannot remember) - Why I waited so long to join the forum I do not know, but I joined now to look for tips and tricks as I attempt to convert mine into the best GD travel truck you've seen! I'll be posting plenty of pics of the...
  2. 2007 Dodge Nitro R/t Boyeeeee...

    Newbie Check in!
    Just checking in.
  3. Antenna Base Replacement

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    My problem: (very) loud static is heard when the radio is turned on after replacing antenna base mount and mast. I can't control the volume with volume knob either. With the help of the detailed instructions in this thread :), I replaced my broken stock antenna (part number 05064164AB) with new...
  4. 07 Rough Idle After Spark Plug Change

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    In response to a recent failed emissions test at the local repair shop with a DTC "P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected"...I changed my spark plugs. After reading the forums about using copper in the 07, they were replaced with NGK V Power Spark Plug (zfr6F-11). It now has a rough idle (it didn't...