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  1. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi, I use Dodge Nitro 2007 here in Europe with 2.8l. It run good from my side of idea but, when it run more that 20km up to whatever. The transmission made a weird sounds when release pedal. Do you think the transmission is broke or they just sound weirdo. Thanks!
  2. Dodge Nitro Parts for Sale - Trade
    Good evening all. I am looking to see if anyone has an passenger side mirror for my 2007 dodge Nitro. If not- then who have you purchased your replacement mirror from? Thanks! Gusbo
  3. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi! I am new in this forum, my parents in law gave me a 2007 Dodge Nitro and I just started to use it. When I put the heater to defrost the front window heats only in the passenger side and the other side brings cold air. If I put the heat to heat the passenger and driver side or the feet the...
  4. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    So about a year ago I started noticing a couple of problems coinciding with my 07 SXT. I noticed that for at least 3 cranks in a row my 4WD light will come on during crank and stay on for a solid 10 seconds or so. It will then turn off and things appear normal. After those 3 trips I'll get...
  5. Newbie Check in!
    Was recently in a partial frontal collision in my 2007 Dodge Nitro STX. Would there be a reason that only the driver side curtain airbags deployed and not the front airbags?
  6. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I've been having overheating issues for the last couple of days. My rig has 195k on it with no mods 3.7 It has a brand new thermostat and recently bought a radiator because I found a small leak. Hoping the radiator would fix my problem it didn't. I have no check engine light on no missing and...
  7. Dodge Nitro Performance Mods - Engine
    Have a bone stock 07 manual tranny and am trying to decide between a CAI or an exhaust upgrade to do first. Also wondering which CAI and Exhaust I should use.
  8. Newbie Check in!
    Black plastic bumpers, first car. Noticed that first gear is rather annoying but the rest are good. Have driven for about a week. Not sure what trim it is or if it is RWD or AWD but so far i love the thing.
  9. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Soooo... I gave myself a time limit of 2 hours (I have a 1 year old) My evaporator needs replaced and I was trying to save myself $1200. Is it just me or is the dash removal a PITA? I felt I had another 2 hours in removal of things when I decided to just put it all back together... Am I...
  10. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hello Forum! First post so I hope I am doing this right! Posting for my husband who is really good with cars, for the most part, until the Nitro! Ugh... frustration! Here is the run down, and he is at a loss as to what to do now and my poor Nitro sits. :( 2007 SLT 106,003 miles: A/C...
  11. 2007 R/T

    Just another "Stone" in the creek.
  12. 2007 R/T

    Topless ;)
  13. 2007 R/T

    Fun in the Sun
  14. 2007 R/T

    Beautiful day in the neighborhood :)
  15. 2007 R/T

    The day we met, it was love at first sight.
  16. 07 Nitro n 09 Yamaha Waverunner

    Just a Great combination of the two....the 4.0 has no problems towing this at all and the Waverunner is the Best for the money....
  17. Nitro Third Brake Light

    Dodge Nitro 2007 R/T custom a third brake light
  18. Electric Blue Nitro R/T

    17" American Racing Wheels ATX series, Kumho tires, black nerf bars.
1-20 of 48 Results