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  1. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    My Dodge Nitro has finally become my Dark Nitro. Full 3M black satin wrap completed along with rear tints and debadge. stealth mode. Activated! Next job. Repaint the wheels. Welcome thoughts on colours or any other exterior mods I should do. Want to keep grill chrome as it looks ace.
  2. New shoes!

    BlackEuroDaytona rims +mud tires!
  3. Dodge Nitro American Racing ATX Series Wheels

    Black machined wheels, American racing ATX series, 17".
  4. White Air Dam Finally Fitted.

    Finally got this years projects all done and on a photo. New wheel/tyres,New hood style andfront spoiler painted white.
  5. black grill

    took off the factory chrome with a sand blaster then painted with pxr
  6. nearly finished

    added 20" drif'z jades with perelli scorpion tires, 5% limo tint, painted all accessories black to include brakes/calipers.
  7. the stealth

    took this pic with my phone(fuzzy) of my gf (right) and her sister.
  8. 07 DN SXT 4X4

    Front Right
  9. 07 DN SXT 4X4 back

    I'd like to introduce Black Cherry! Black cause well, it's black. Cherry cause it is "sweet" and shinny! The interior has a Carbon Fiber Kit (uh, fancy stickers). It's only an SXT 4X4 but I LOVE IT!
  10. New Black and Red Forte 20s on my Brilliant Black.

    Taken with my iPhone, will take better pics.
  11. 2/3/2009 III of III

    2007 Black Dodge Nitro R/T clean and in the driveway(left side)
  12. 2/3/2009 II of III

    2007 Black Dodge Nitro R/T clean and in the driveway(front view)
  13. 2/3/2009 I of III

    2007 Black Dodge Nitro R/T clean and in the driveway(right side)
1-20 of 37 Results