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  1. My custom down-firing sub box

    Custom built MDF down-firing sub box. It will house 2 10" 400W RMS subs. Having the box fire downward makes for tighter bass which better-suits metal and rock music. Each chamber is 0.64 Cubic Feet.
  2. Subwoofer box

    Angle view of the enclosure, it takes about half trunk...
  3. Subwoofer box

    Alpine 12" subwoofer to add punch in my sound system
  4. Custom Dodge Nitro Stereo

    Not so sure I like the purple but my girl wanted it.
  5. The radio

    Look Ma. no glory, all guts
  6. Finished in the back

    Stealth mode for the amp
  7. Nitro Glove Box light

    Glove box light from Dodge website
1-13 of 13 Results