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  1. Chassis - Suspension - Wheels and Tires
    Hi Guys, I'm looking to replace my caliper brackets as they are badly corroded, but I need some help to identify the part numbers I need. I am in the UK and have a 2009 Nitro 2.8 Diesel SXT I have searched online and 2 numbers keep coming up, 68003699AA (Front) and 68003775AA (Rear), but these...
  2. Detailing and General Maintenance Forum
    Can someone tell me the correct order to bleed brakes? I think I should bleed the right rear then the left rear followed by the right front then the left front. Am I correct or is it different? Thanks to anyone who can confirm.
  3. Dodge Nitro General Discussion
    Hey everyone! It's been awhile, hope everyone is well. I have a question, and hope someone might be able to help tell me what is going on with my brakes. I had all 4 rotors and pads done, and both calipers in the back. It's been about 3k, but since day one they make an awful squeal when...
  4. 2011 Dodge Nitro
    Okay I’m driving one day minding my own business. And the ABS and the Truck swerve icon lit up my dash. I know it’s dealing with something in the steering part of the truck, but I’m not too sure what’s the problem is. Also may I add that it’s glowing yellow and not red.
  5. Chassis - Suspension - Wheels and Tires
    After inspecting my brake discs (rotors) I seen that they were a bit worn, so decided to upgrade. I replaced both front and rear discs and pads, and also replaced handbrake shoes. New discs are drilled and slotted, braking performance is so much better. my ride is 2.8L Diesel SXT Already...
  6. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Not sure if this is an actual issue or if it's just a nitro thing. When I brake, it feels very soft and has A LOT of travel. I hate it because I like my brakes stiff and little to no travel. But they have always kinda felt soft. I have bled the brakes to see if there was any air in the lines...
  7. Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    If i start taking a turn a little too fast I will apply the brakes and then a shaking of my brake pedal occurs. This only started after I threw on a daystar spacer lift kit and 265/65R17 wheels and tires. Is this just the ABS kicking in? Has anyone else had this problem? Also has anyone needed...
1-7 of 7 Results