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  1. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Bad news, fellow Nitro-ers. Last week I was driving my Nitro down a hill and let off the gas. When I pushed the pedal again, I could hardly accelerate at all. After stopping, I could barely accelerate away from the light. I just found out that the clutch needs replacing and it'll cost ~$1,400...
  2. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Well it happened the other day to me. Driving along on my way up the mountain to visit my Mom. Down shift into a turn, accelerate and go to up shift... Rumble, rumble, rev, rev, rev, and no go... Then the not so much "fun" began... Towed it up to my Mom's place (about 8 miles), which was lucky...
  3. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Rattle when clutch is depressed, when pressing the clutch in its fine. Does anyone know what this could be? This is the first day I had this issue. A family member told be a tip to press the clutch in then slowly slide foot of the pedal and let it release on its own back up. I did that about...
1-3 of 3 Results