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  1. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Just wondering if OAT coolant can be used for the nitro. After my mechanic flushed the cooling system, they used OAT coolant when I told them HOAT. Could that cause issues such as overheating and whatnot? Or is it compatible with the nitro? Also, how do you burp the 4.0 properly?
  2. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    i was losing coolant before this so i did a refill just last weekend and within a week the reservoir tank is almost empty and most of the coolant is leaking and visible from the bottom hopefully its one of the hoses and nothing major im not really mechanically inclined so any help or tips will...
  3. Detailing and General Maintenance Forum
    So i was doing a coolant flush on my 2007 ntro slt 4x4. I opened up the lower radiator drain plug on the driver side some coolant came out and then it slowed down and stopped, i also had the refill cap and reservoir cap opened up under the hood. i still saw alot of coolant in the...
  4. Detailing and General Maintenance Forum
    Guys and girls, at the moment i'am busy with the post from Meder for the How to:timing belt replacement. It also includes the waterpump, can someone tell me if we have to de-air the system when filling up? Or will it gobble to the point when starting up the engine? I've read that there is a...
  5. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi Guys Heater not hot at all maybe a hint of difference between hot and cold on the dial but it certainly isn't warm!!, I have read it could be the blend door and seen pics of it on a lhd car but this rhd one must be different I cant see it anywhere. is it on the left or right?? Also coolant...
  6. Newbie Check in!
    Hi Guys, Loove my New Nitro, But I have a loud whine when i steer once she is warmed up (its ok cold!) I suspect the steering pump, is the fluid by the brake fluid as that looks full and its the only thing i can find with obvious fluid which could be steering in! does anyone know what the part...
1-6 of 6 Results