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  1. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Just wondering if OAT coolant can be used for the nitro. After my mechanic flushed the cooling system, they used OAT coolant when I told them HOAT. Could that cause issues such as overheating and whatnot? Or is it compatible with the nitro? Also, how do you burp the 4.0 properly?
  2. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hopefully one of yous can help out, my nitro has had overheating issues since I got it in 2019. But about 2 years ago we thought we fixed it by replacing the radiator and fan. It turned out it was plugged. About a year ago it got a new waterpump thinking it could fix the no heat issue. Didnt...
  3. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    The heat doesn't work properly (and it overheats which is another issue.) in the truck so we figured that there's air in the cooling system. But we had trouble finding where they are. Can anyone show a diagram or description of where it is located?
  4. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi there , I recently did a rad and heater core flush due to my heat not blowing as hot as it used to. After completing the job , I drive to work no problems , on the way home though the temp gauge drops to zero and it stops blowing heat. ( It is extremely cold here now -25 C). I have changed...
1-4 of 4 Results