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  1. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    Head Lights Done Fog Lights Done Grill Plastidip Spray (Matt Black) Painted Done Now I wanna go to a paint shop and get the bumper cleaned and repaired can anyone vouch for maaco im not trying to get Picasso here but a long lasting decent job (that should be wayyy better than my plastidip...
  2. DSC_0001_BURST20200829190423881.JPG

    12 in alpine type r, Memphis bass, 2 orion hcca 2 channel, No holes or mods to truck
  3. Dodge Nitro Interior Modifications
    So I have seen a handful of threads about good seat covers but instead of messaging on everyone I wanted to share my new seat covers in a video so you can all see. Ruff Tuff Custom Seat Covers: 2011 Dodge Nitro Install | Compass Keeper The seat covers I got are from RuffTuff Custom Seat...
  4. Grill LED's

    Just some show lighting i wired up on my spare time
  5. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    I'm all about modifications. For example my headlights have been modified with HID projectors and LED pods for high beams and the inside has been blacked out a bit as well as smoking/tinting the relfector side markers on my headlights. And a few other mods other than headlights. Since i...
  6. Before and after

    Not much done to it, mostly chrome pieces and emblems.
  7. New Badges

    New 4.0L badges for around the fender flares
  8. Newbie Check in!
    Hey im new to this stuff ive never used a forum before seen some logical posts on here so figured id try it out. I have a 2007 Inferno Red Dodge Nitro R/T. The engine is complete stock but im ordering a cold air intake and the stage 1 performance chip. I have the CCFL halo projector headlights...
  9. image54

    Halos, led, rf t1000.1bd, t2 12", t652-s x2 components, t600.4, 26" rims, plasti dip, interior lights, kenwood dash. Coming soon 42" tv with ps4 the crew.
  10. Nitro Truck

    Truck is fully finished inside and out.
  11. My custom down-firing sub box

    Custom built MDF down-firing sub box. It will house 2 10" 400W RMS subs. Having the box fire downward makes for tighter bass which better-suits metal and rock music. Each chamber is 0.64 Cubic Feet.
  12. Nitro Third Brake Light

    Dodge Nitro 2007 R/T custom a third brake light
  13. Cowl induction hood

    Stopped for a coffee in Port Dover. Tim Horton style....:cool:
  14. Cowl Induction Hood

    Finally got her new hood fitted.
  15. New Nitro Id

    SXT ID and Super Bee
1-20 of 36 Results