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  1. Evic Mileage Reprogramming

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hey all, I just obtained the premium EVIC for my 2008 Dodge Nitro, I plugged it in and its showing 180k + miles on it, my car only has 113K on it. Dose anyone know of a cost effective way to change the dash cluster mileage or how to reprogram it?
  2. My Latest Dash Mods

    Dodge Nitro Interior Modifications
    I installed a USB port and AUX plug in to clean up the look of the interior a little. All the wires floating around were a little tacky looking. Also to help with using the cell phone made a mount and put it on the dash Just a simple 1 1/4" chunk of square tubing about 3" long i attached...
  3. 07 DN SXT 4X4

    07 DN SXT 4X4

    door controls
  4. 07 DN SXT 4X4 Dash Top

    07 DN SXT 4X4 Dash Top

    Carbon Fiber Top Dash
  5. Installation Location

    Installation Location

    Behind the dash, after the knee guard is lowered. This looks like a perfect mounting point.
  6. New Custom Shots

    New Custom Shots

    Check it out, my baby is almost ready to ride!!!


    Just a Glimpse of what is coming!
  8. Dash Tray mold constructed using the foil pattern

    Dash Tray mold constructed using the foil pattern

    A mold was made using the aluminum foil pattern out of a rubber style sound dampening material.