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electrical issues

  1. Car alarm issues.

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum as far as posting goes. Since I got my Nitro it's been my go to for an issues. But this time I had a really bizarre experience this morning. I have a 2008 Dodge Nitro 3.7L SE The key fob is disconnected as it does not unlock the vehicle. I went to manually...
  2. Possible Bad Ecm?

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Lately I have been having a few new lights pop up on my dash than i've experienced in the past. The engine light has come on, along with the ESP/BAS light and the car with the squiggles behind it. this has caused my cruise control to stop working, and from reading that the ESP/BAS does, my...
  3. New, Need Help

    Newbie Check in!
    Hi y'all. I own a 2008 dodge nitro which my family loves. We have owned her for a few years now and take excellent care of our car. Lately the lights have come on by themselves in the middle of the night and the engine has been shut off for some time. This has happened twice now that I've...
  4. Car Clicks But Won't Crank

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    I've been working on my nitro for about 4 months now trying to get it to work I clicks but won't crank but a lot has happened to it in the past 4 months. It all started with the engine dying abruptly in september. Mechanic swapped the battery and everything was fine. I ran good till the car...
  5. New Nitro Owner W Some Problems

    Newbie Check in!
    I recently hit a deer in my old car, totaled my Escape, found an ad for a Nitro, and didn’t stop until I found a beautiful one on a lot. Stone white, SLT, 07 with only 88k miles, leather seats, and minimal body dings. Took it to my mechanic to find out the heater core is bypassed (a $1500 fix...
  6. 2008 Nitro R/t Won't Start

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I just bought my 08 Nitro about a month go and have driven it daily with no problems, until today. I drove it work this morning with no issues and no indicator lights on. About an hour and a half I come out to my car on break and my car won't start. It makes a slight clicking noise when turning...