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  1. 2011 Dodge Nitro
    Ok let me start I know, I know.....disconnect the battery. Well since I am posting a question you know I didn't. I am installing a new radio as per some of the postings on here Nitro radios aren't good. I replaced the only fuse that I can find blown. So my question is.... Are there any other...
  2. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Lately I have been having a few new lights pop up on my dash than i've experienced in the past. The engine light has come on, along with the ESP/BAS light and the car with the squiggles behind it. this has caused my cruise control to stop working, and from reading that the ESP/BAS does, my...
  3. Newbie Check in!
    I recently hit a deer in my old car, totaled my Escape, found an ad for a Nitro, and didn’t stop until I found a beautiful one on a lot. Stone white, SLT, 07 with only 88k miles, leather seats, and minimal body dings. Took it to my mechanic to find out the heater core is bypassed (a $1500 fix...
  4. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction for my problem. I just picked up a 2007 Dodge nitro SXT with the 6 speed manual and 3.7L engine. All the headlights work fine. When my headlights are on the signal lights work perfectly. When my headlights are off, and just...
  5. Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I hope to find out if there is a fix for an alarm that goes off randomly. We have a 2011 Nitro Detonator. I changed to key fob batteries and wd-40'd the back hatch, then opened and closed it about 40 times, then disconnected the negative cable under the hood and reconnected. Any advice?
1-5 of 5 Results