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  1. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    So, I'm looking into purchasing some Dual CCFL Halo Projector Headlights and Halo Projector Fog Lights, and I've got a couple questions to ask of you lovely people who have installed them! What type of bulbs do you suggest for the brightest and clearest views? My current headlights seem to not...
  2. Dodge Nitro Parts for Sale - Trade
    Pair of used in great condition headlight housings. Went to aftermarket ones and then the Nitro was totalled. Still have these in the box. $55 plus shipping
  3. Newbie Check in!
    Hi y'all. I own a 2008 dodge nitro which my family loves. We have owned her for a few years now and take excellent care of our car. Lately the lights have come on by themselves in the middle of the night and the engine has been shut off for some time. This has happened twice now that I've...
  4. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    looking at picking up a pair of new bulbs and or housings. Trying to help my brother out that now owns my Nitro. Found these on eBay Do they still need some kind of resistor or load equalizer, or don’t...
  5. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Decided it was time for an upgrade!! New smoked headlight housings, 12000k HIDs, Ice Blue LED Fog lights, and a 24" Light Bar. Pretty happy with the light output!
  6. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I purchased an HID bulb kit, a high quality kit, and had a few issues on install. Bulb connectors to OEM plug wouldn't seat fully, forcing me to use zipties to connect them together. Unsure why, as they seem to be the same length as factory bulbs. Tonight, and this was the weird part, the...
  7. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    As the title states, I'm looking for pros and cons to the options. I know people have had good experience with ANZO. I had a bad experience buying from someone on here who never produced. So I now want to buy new. These all look VERY similar. Are they the same? Does anyone know the...
  8. headlight adjustment screw

    headlight adjustment screw on the (N.A.) driver side right in front of the battery
  9. headlight adjustment screw

    headlight adjustment screw on the (N.A.) right side
1-9 of 9 Results