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  1. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    Finally went and bought a lift kit for the ol'girl. I was going to do it myself but I found out the upper a arm bolts we rounded off over the years. So ended up taking it to a shop to have them install it. Old Man EMU front struts and springs. Doetsch Tech Shock Obsorbers rear Custom front A...
  2. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    Looking to lift my heat. Finally. I was set on OME lift from JBA but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. Any suggestions to get about 2in higher in this thing? RRO seems to be a bad idea and daystar lift really isn’t on my radar
  3. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    So I stopped my lift kit build because there was a lack of instruction on how the new strut assembly goes back together with the new parts. (What do I use from old strut assembly and what don’t I use?) Does anyone have a picture?
  4. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    Hey all new to the group. and have a 2011 Dodge Nitro. I have been reading a lot and purchased a 2" DayStar lift kit to get some more clearance for different tires. Will this 2" lift allow me the option to get a 30" tire on my nitro? Currently I have 20s on the Nitro but I think that 20s limit...
  5. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    So after much research I'm leaning hard towards the Rough Country 2.5" lift. Working on a budget because I'm going to have to buy new tires soon too. I've seen all the recommendations about the JBA control arms and making alignment easier. How bad is it without them? Like my alignment guy...
  6. Chassis - Suspension - Wheels and Tires
    Howdy , the only "leveling" kit i could find is a front and rear 2 in kit. i recently put rear air overload bags on and it raised the rear by 1 to 2.5 inches and i would basically like to split the difference or go for the lower , i feel like lifting the front by 1 inch would make it look...
  7. Dodge Nitro Offroad
    spent a few hours last night installing new shocks/struts, rough country lift, spacers, new tires, and some hammering/trimming to the inner fenders last night. Rough Country 2.5-2" lift: SKU687 Rancho 9000xl strut shock Rancho 9000xl shocks 265/50R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 1.25" hub-centric...
1-7 of 7 Results