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  1. Max Lift For Stock Parts

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    What is the max lift you can go with a Nitro before you have to start adding longer shocks and other parts? i bout a pair of skyjacker springs not paying attention they are lifted springs. Trying to see what i can get away with since its too late. 2010 Nitro SXT 4x4
  2. New Lift Kit Installed

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    spent a few hours last night installing new shocks/struts, rough country lift, spacers, new tires, and some hammering/trimming to the inner fenders last night. Rough Country 2.5-2" lift: SKU687 Rancho 9000xl strut shock Rancho 9000xl shocks 265/50R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 1.25" hub-centric...
  3. Looking For A Decent Lift Kit

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    I was thinking about going with the daystar 2in lift but was talking to my dad hes lifted most of his trucks and worked in shops all his life and said I should just spend more and get a complete suspension lift. I have been looking through threads here and on a couple other pages and reviews on...
  4. 2in Day Star Lift Good Or Bad Idea

    Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    Im thinking of lifting my 08 nitro to put on a set of terra grappalers on the stock rims but they will just barley clear would the lift help or no. The reason I'm putting on tires like that is because I trail ride and track ride a dirt bike and it would be nice to go further out on some of the...
  5. Giving A Nitro A Second Heartbeat

    Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    New to the forum and this is my first post! To start off my first car was a 1999 firebird that was so rotted the axle ripped out of the uni-body. :( So when it came to looking for a new car i went to my uncle he rebuilds salvage vehicles so after searching for awhile i ended up buying a 2011...
  6. Daystar Lift, Wheels And Tires.

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    The lift was pretty straight to install and the directions weren't all that bad as far as directions go. Complete with pictures and step by step directions. Their customer service line was helpful in picking out some nice complementary shocks as well. Took me about 2 hrs to throw on since I...
  7. Leveling

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    decided what I really need right now is to lift the front. I do a lot of off-roading in my rig and it performs well already even without a lift but aesthetically I want to see the front level with the rear. I do not want to lift my whole vehicle only the front. What's the best way to do this...
  8. daystar lift

    daystar lift

    After my 2" daystar lift :)
  9. 20140123_144102-1


    orange lifted nitro
  10. Hood lift bracket

    Hood lift bracket

    HighVoltageNITROs modified version of hood lift bracket