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  1. NitroMAC Install

    Enlcosure, primered and test fit in the dash. Runing MAC OS X Leopard
  2. NitroMAC Install

    Power Button and Power Light.
  3. NitroMAC Install

    Enclosure after sanding and before primer
  4. NitroMAC Install

    Center Console with USB and buttons
  5. NitroMAC Install

    Center Console modified tray
  6. NitroMAC Install

    Back area where the power inverter is. shows the RED lighted fan and the Carnetix Power Supply
  7. NitroMAC Install

    Inside look with tray removed
  8. NitroMAC Install

    Ont he right you can see where I put the power button and the power light for the MAC
  9. NitroMAC Install

    The Red Power cable is going into a MONSTER Power Distribution Block, Bolted to the car. This will allow me to add future items without running another cable to the battery
  10. NitroMAC Install

    Test setup without enclosure
1-12 of 12 Results