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  1. Newbie Check in!
    Happy to be here. Picked up my Nitro 2 weeks ago. Was my top choice as a first car.
  2. Newbie Check in!
    Greetings from Finland. I purchased my nitro just a week ago and i instantly fell in love with it. :love: It's my first American made car and all i can think is wow, how could i've been living without it. Me and my wife have a five year old boy and a month ago, our babygirl was born, so our...
  3. Newbie Check in!
    Just traded in my 2012 Durango RT for a white 2011 Nitro Heat with only 33000 miles. Love it so far and am new to the forum. I must say that it looks sharp and is not lacking in power, which was a concern coming from the RT. Don't know how I never noticed the Nitro when I was looking in...
  4. Newbie Check in!
    Greetings fellow Nitro owners. Relatively new Nitro owner here, bought it in Sep 2015 when it was just shy of 101k miles. Just recently started looking into to getting little upgrades and fixing some small little issues that have come up in my short time owning the car. Have 0 car experience...
  5. Newbie Check in!
    So, I joined this forum looking for help. My car has recently started shaking, yesterday, and today it did it again, but this time the engine light started blinking with it. Any ideas?
1-5 of 5 Results