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  1. Rim Recommendations for 2011 Heat 4x4 4.0. 20”

    Chassis - Suspension - Wheels and Tires
    Looking for some recommendations to make my nitro look meaner! I have already upgraded my head lights to Halo’s. Next thing I want to do, is get some mean blacked out rims, with (maybe) some white accents. I’m having a hard time finding a set that will fit exact. How do I know they will be an...
  2. Dodge Nitro On 24 Inch Rims

    Dodge Nitro On 24 Inch Rims

  3. Hello To All Needing Some Help

    Newbie Check in!
    Need to know where I can post a forum about wheels. I'm wanting to buy some new wheels but am confused on size when ordering.