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  1. Nitro custom fiberglass boxes

    I love this truck
  2. Help me please!

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    I bought an 07 nitro about a week ago, it started and drove nicely, but now I get nothing when I turn the key. I went to my uncles to replace the drivers side headlight found out it was the connection between light and plug. Got it to work. Then I said "hey this has remote start, lemme see if it...
  3. When Release Acceleration

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi, I use Dodge Nitro 2007 here in Europe with 2.8l. It run good from my side of idea but, when it run more that 20km up to whatever. The transmission made a weird sounds when release pedal. Do you think the transmission is broke or they just sound weirdo. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Should I sell my nitro now or next year?

    Newbie Check in!
    Hello! I’ve had my 07 nitro for almost 3 years now from 65k to now 92k, should I trade it in this summer or next summer? Will it really affect value if I sell it with only 8k more miles at 100k? Thank you! Looking to downgrade to a more fuel efficient car haha! Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi!

    Newbie Check in!
    I’m Hillary. I’m a new owner of an 07 a dodge nitro sxt. I was so excited for to get it, and feel like it’s been HELL since day one. Which, was only 2 months ago. Either I’m cursed or I am currently driving a UFO becuz every time I think I’ve figured out “the issue”......there’s more! It is...
  6. Nitro Version

    Dodge Nitro General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I currently own a Dodge Calibre SXT and I'm looking to purchase a Nitro. I have two options i am looking at. A) One is a 2007 NItro with 106 000KM on the clock. B) The one below is a 2011 Nitro R/T with sunroof and the works, but has 218 000km on the clock. Which is the better...
  7. Blower stuck on - Won't go off

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hello all, I've got a 2010 Dodge Nitro with a weird problem that I'm hoping someone here could help me with. I've searched the boards but couldn't find anyone with this exact problem. Anyway, the blower is stuck on at full blast. I can still control the temperature but turning the knob that...
  8. P0730 help me

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have a turbo diesel showing this code, the car is in limp mode and when i disconnect the battery the code is still there. What should i be looking at to fix this and can i fix it myself?
  9. Hey fellow Nitro friends. I’m new

    Newbie Check in!
    Hey everyone, glad to find a forum to be apart of and so lost since I’ve bought it, trying to find or ask for advice on doing different mods ?. Happy to be here though. I’ve owned my 07 Dodge Nitro since August, 2018 and love it. It’s a SLT 3.7L 4x4 Auto with 18” black rims and just bought new...
  10. Dodge Nitro 2011 Clock Spring - Misleading Information

    Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Good Morning Champs! hope everyone is having a great holiday season/vacations...Any ways im posting here to see if you guys can help me with a question. so recently i just got the damn light for the SRS light (which would be the air bag light) and sure enough i plug my computer and it mentioned...
  11. My Dodge Nitro Just Heat The Passenger Side

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi! I am new in this forum, my parents in law gave me a 2007 Dodge Nitro and I just started to use it. When I put the heater to defrost the front window heats only in the passenger side and the other side brings cold air. If I put the heat to heat the passenger and driver side or the feet the...
  12. Door Lock Fuse M38 Keeps Blowing

    2011 Dodge Nitro
    My 22 yr old has a 2011 Dodge Nitro. Recently her electronic locks stopped working. We checked the fuse (Fuse M38) and it was blown. Went to put a new on in, and it immediate blew. NO BUENO! I pulled the switch module from the driver's door and went to put another fuse it, it arcs to beat...
  13. 2007 Dodge Nitro Airbag Issue

    Newbie Check in!
    Was recently in a partial frontal collision in my 2007 Dodge Nitro STX. Would there be a reason that only the driver side curtain airbags deployed and not the front airbags?
  14. 07 Nitro R/t 4x4 Build

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    Do some custome work on the body mount some 35 m/t, touch up on paint, some custome bumber front and rear and a roof rack and plenty of lights this is the plan might take some time but follow me be patiant most stuff used will be custome Fabed to make it a one of a kind follow me and then build...
  15. New Guy Needing Help!!

    Newbie Check in!
    Hello all, hopefully I can get some insight from here. First off thank you for the add. I have a 2008 slt 3.7 2wd 156k miles. Bought it with 33k miles in 2012 from original owner. At 90k had to replace Tipm. At 140k had a cam follower lock up and threw rocker arm off busted the valve spring...
  16. New 3.7 Nitro Owner From Uk

    Newbie Check in!
    Hi All I picked up my auto 3.7 V6 Petrol Nitro on Sunday. Based near Southport in the UK where these cars are very rare. Apparently just 89 3.7 automatics left in the UK. Loving it so far and think I got a bargain as previous owner kept her pristine. She is booked in for a full 3M black satin...
  17. Max Lift For Stock Parts

    Dodge Nitro Offroad
    What is the max lift you can go with a Nitro before you have to start adding longer shocks and other parts? i bout a pair of skyjacker springs not paying attention they are lifted springs. Trying to see what i can get away with since its too late. 2010 Nitro SXT 4x4
  18. Overheating Issues

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I've been having overheating issues for the last couple of days. My rig has 195k on it with no mods 3.7 It has a brand new thermostat and recently bought a radiator because I found a small leak. Hoping the radiator would fix my problem it didn't. I have no check engine light on no missing and...
  19. 2008 Nitro R/t Rear Axle

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    So my wife recently wrecked my Nitro and I'm looking at repairing it myself. The rear axle shaft (Drivers) seems to be broken off from the differential. 1. Is the rear axle assembly 1 piece? 2. What is the ratio? Any feedback would help!!!!!
  20. Cai Or Exhaust?

    Dodge Nitro Performance Mods - Engine
    Have a bone stock 07 manual tranny and am trying to decide between a CAI or an exhaust upgrade to do first. Also wondering which CAI and Exhaust I should use.