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  1. Dodge Nitro Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hey guys, I have a 2007 Nitro SLT with the cargo auxiliary power outlet. Recently I purchased and installed a mirror dashcam & rearview camera combo which I plugged into the cargo port. My question is, is there a an easy way to make this port not be hot 100% of the time. I would like it to be...
  2. Rear Outlet Installed

    The rear outlet installed.
  3. Rear Outlet Wiring

    The wiring from the rear outlet ran through the headliner and dropped down through the 'A' Pillar.
  4. Console Outlet

    The back of the console with the new outlet installed.
  5. Console 12V Outlet Wiring

    I ran the wiring for the console outlet underneath the center console.
  6. Console 12V Outlet Wiring

    You can see where the wire terminates in the back of the center console.
  7. Rear Outlet Installed

    I installed the rear outlet just to the right of the jack location.
  8. 12V Outlet

    The outlet I used, picked up at RadioShack
  9. Flowmaster inside

    These are inside pictures of the Left outlet note offset large center hole
1-9 of 9 Results