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  1. After Most Everything 08 Nitro Still Overheating

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hello, We bought a used 2007 Nitro a few years back and kept returning it to dealer because the heater wasn't working or working well. They most likely just flushed the crap out of the heater core to appease us and we eventually changed, through our mechanic, the heater core. So now it's...
  2. Still Overheating- Fixed Lots Of Stuff

    Dodge Nitro General Discussion
    ok so I have fixed so many things on this damn thing over the last 6 months that I am at a loss/. please help.... I have replaced the radiator, did all kinds of test, repl. water pump, timing belt, idles fine, and elec fan works ok. someone save me from this damn nightmare!! thank you for...
  3. Overheating Issues

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I've been having overheating issues for the last couple of days. My rig has 195k on it with no mods 3.7 It has a brand new thermostat and recently bought a radiator because I found a small leak. Hoping the radiator would fix my problem it didn't. I have no check engine light on no missing and...
  4. Overheating, Power Steering Loss, Check Engine Lights

    Dodge Nitro Mechanical Problems and Questions
    What's goin on yall, I've had my nitro for about 4 years and just recently rolled over 100,000 and it seemed like as soon as that happened, the dang thing knew it and decided to roll over and die. Here's a little bit of background: the nitro started overheating, slowly at first, but now its...