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  1. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I'm not sure if i share the Halo projector headlights i customized. I fid share the light output i do remember. But i have good news. The Halo headlights i have now, i broke two retaining clips on the inside that hold the inside in place pretty much. Well since those two clips broke my driver...
  2. Dodge Nitro Exterior Modifications
    before i go tearing the front of my nitro apart...again. does anyone who has aftermarket projector headlights know if LED bulbs will fit inside the projector? the brand i'm looking at, the seller sent me picture measurements of the LED bulbs and i already know i'm going to have to do some more...
  3. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hey all, I saw a few inspirational photos of Nitros with great projector retrofits and I thought it would be a good first project for me on this car. The parts I purchased: 2 * Mini D2S 3.0 Square Lens LHD Projectors 2 * Apollo 2.0 Square Shrouds 2 * 35W Morimoto XB35 Ballasts 2 *...
  4. Custom Dodge Nitro Interior and Exterior Lighting
    My Nitro was built for use in Canada, Canadia by Greenie posted Jul 16, 2016 at 10:55 AM so the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) feature is enabled. I read that the DRLs are actually the high beam filament at a lower power and I'm concerned that this will be a problem if I retrofit projectors...
1-4 of 4 Results