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  1. Miscellaneous For Sale
    Brand new. Never used. Bought them from a company in Ireland and discovered they were the wrong ones. My Nitro didn't have the metal rails already. Anyway, it would have cost twice as much to send them back, so in the basement they lived...still in the box. Hit me up if you're interested...
    $125 USD
  2. Dodge Nitro General Discussion
    Hi I'm going to build or have a roofrack built for my bric besides the plastic acorn nuts is the studs and other stock hardware ok to use
  3. Newbie Check in!
    Hello everybody. I have been using your forum for quite a while to get information and finally decided to join, (I must confess out of frustration.) From what I've seen in my searches you've been over this a million times, but how about one more please? I bought a cargo rack off of marketplace...
1-3 of 3 Results