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  1. Nitro custom fiberglass boxes

    I love this truck
  2. Newbie Check in!
    Hey im new to this stuff ive never used a forum before seen some logical posts on here so figured id try it out. I have a 2007 Inferno Red Dodge Nitro R/T. The engine is complete stock but im ordering a cold air intake and the stage 1 performance chip. I have the CCFL halo projector headlights...
  3. My custom down-firing sub box

    My custom down-firing sub box

    Custom built MDF down-firing sub box. It will house 2 10" 400W RMS subs. Having the box fire downward makes for tighter bass which better-suits metal and rock music. Each chamber is 0.64 Cubic Feet.
  4. Front view of subwoofer

    Front view of subwoofer

  5. Subwoofer box

    Subwoofer box

    Angle view of the enclosure, it takes about half trunk...
  6. Subwoofer box

    Subwoofer box

    Alpine 12" subwoofer to add punch in my sound system
  7. Infinity Basslink 10" Sub

    Infinity Basslink 10" Sub

    Plenty of bass, and doesn't take up alot of room