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  1. 20/22 Wheel combo installed Boss 338s.

    Heres the new Boss 338s with 20x8.5 up front and 22x9.5 in the rear. No issues with sensors etc. Now for Lowering!!
  2. Embossed hood flames

    Heres the hood with the embossed flames.
  3. Current status.

    Heres the woody after wood treatment and matte orange wrap. Waiting on Tire/Wheel combo along with lowering. (spring or airbag..undecided) Canvas wrap for roof, old school running boards and of course surf racks on top with a wooden long board or two.
  4. Nitro Woody project

    HI, Looking for feedback on wheel/tire combos for my Woody project. Any other ideas would be welcomed!!
1-4 of 4 Results