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07 2.8 crd sxt - UCONNECT question from a newbie

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Hi, picked up my nitro today and love it. I have been searching for various threads about the UCONNECT.

It comes up with UNCONNECT not available.

It doesn't have the rear mirror with the mics (i've attached a pic of the rear as there are plenty of wires into the mirror) , but there is what looks like it could be an aftermarket mic in the head console by the interior lights (pic attached) unless it part of an alarm system.
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Is there a certain way to determine if it has been set up, where would the module be etc?

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most likely you don't have it, i don't have it and my stereo comes up with the same message " uconnect not available",
the thing in the overhead console is the receiver for the alarm interior motion sensor, the transmitter is in the headliner rear left hand side,
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if you search uconnect on this forum there is plenty of info, your question has been asked loads of times, i just can't remember what is needed to get it working, but a new visor, uconnect module and some dealer programming springs to mind,
i don't recall many people actualy going ahead and getting it done, i think most people simply replace the head unit with an upto date touchscreen,
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mine has the auto dimming mirror does that mean it already has the dual mic's
It might. Look on the top. You'll see the grille/hole for the mic. There's foam right underneath it.
just looked unfortunately i don't have the mic's, just the sensor for the auto dim, bummer
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