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07 Lower Rear Control Arm Bolt substitution?

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Been reading about the driver rear lower control arm front bolt, plan is to cut mine and insert it opposite way so I’m not lowering the gas tank for a single bolt.
Have an issue finding the correct bolts. Fairly experienced with wrenching but I was told to use the right bolts or they could shear off, can I use bolts 7&13 for the front versus 10&11 in the included pic? I know this prolly overthinking shit and it’s much simpler then I’m making it out to be, but just checking, also having a hard time finding replacements online and no where local has them. Links would be greatly appreciated, or at least sizes and hardness type of bolt to replace with.
Thank you!


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i don't think bolts 7 and 11 are the same length (they have a different part#), they are both M14 so i doubt they will shear off, the original bolt is mainly smooth and only has threads on the end, plenty of Nitro owners have done this job just can't remember what type of bolt they used,
Hex-Flange-Head--M14x2.00x100--M14x2.00x110 part# 6507620AA,
you get 2 bolts in the kit
chrysler factory parts they are $8 +
1 - 3 of 3 Posts