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First off, welcome to the forum 'badblknitro". You came to the right place for anything Nitro.

The Nitro is very finicky with electrical supply. Even slightly under the normal level of power and the vehicle may not turn on. I know you said your battery is only a week old, but make sure it is actually holding a full charge, when the vehicle is powered off.

This sounds like a classic case of a failing TIPM. The TIPM is the fuse box right behind the battery that basically is the brain for the entire vehicle. The uncontrollable horn is very common with a failing TIPM. If this is the case, replacement of the TIPM is the only solution. Bad TIPMs are very common on early model Nitros.

You can however, look for any exposed or corroded wires going into the TIPM. This could be causing issues of some sorts.
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