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Wow! That is a strange problem you have there. I have not heard of this from any other Nitro owners, but maybe someone who has been active here the past several years will remember something similar and point you in the right direction.

I agree with your decision to NOT take it to the dealer, unless it is a last resort. If you look at the rest of the forum, you will probably find a few threads where I have been complaining about my dealership service dept., their practices and the insane costs they charge. I am right in the middle of fixing an over heating problem on my Nitro and need to get back to work on it in a few minutes.

I took my Nitro to the dealer thinking that I would have them do the work, until I got the estimate of what they wanted to charge me. I then had to take a tow dolly to pick my Nitro back up to tow home and my battery was strangely dead, so I could not put the auto trans into Neutral, without removing the battery from the tow vehicle and connecting it to my Nitro for a minute.

Now that I have it back home, I have recharged my battery and when I reconnected the battery cables to it on the Nitro, I 1st heard a loud click from the fuse box, so quickly disconnected the cable again. The 2nd time I touched the cable to the charged battery, the horn sounded a quick chirp. I removed the cable from the battery again and just decided to finish the repairs first, then worry about my battery and reconnecting it to the Nitro when everything else is done. I hope I don't have another problem with the electrical to chase down after I finish the rest of my repairs to what ever is causing my over heating problem.

Let us know what you figure out on your Nitro, even if you don't get the answers you need from someone else here, and welcome to the forum.
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