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Hello to every1. I have an 07 4x4 and saturday it lef me at the store. Hit the powe lock on keyfob n the doors didnt lock so I thought no biggie until I get in it to leave and I have no power to nothing. Yhe dome lights work n the battery is a week old and has 12.9. Volts.. had my tech pick it up and haul it to his shop.They looked at it and checked sum eletrical items such as the junction box.he told me to take It to the dealer the last place I want to go. So I was wondering if any1 else on here had any problems like this maybe you could shed a lil light on my power when key is on.unhook the batt. N then hook it up n the horn blowes out of control.let it sit all day n nite and it will start the next day but then if you try n lock the doors w/keyfob now theres no power to nothing , no instument panel, no headlights , nothing.turn the key on to start n it chimes like 15 times. Can any1 here pls help me b4 I burn this nitro. Thank you, thomas.
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