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I want to thank thedodgeman for providing and Scaro for posting the information about the fuel tank spit back issue being recognized by dodge finally.
As it just so happens my wifes nitro had to go in the other day for it's state inspection so I printed out the information and asked the dealership about it. The new tank is on order and will not cost me a cent to have done. No fussing or fighting, they just said we'll order the tank and call you when it arrives.
It will be nice to be able to fill the tank and not have to ball park how many gallons to put in before letting the tank burp some.
Thank you both.

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Your welcome, but the real thanks goes to CheezHead for being the one to find out about it and letting us know.
As well as all the others who have had to deal with this in the past, and for putting pressure on Dodge to "FIX" it.
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