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I have an 08 Nitro SLT with 20" rims, the chrome clad kind.
Bought thanksgiving of '07.
I have 6500 miles on it, and the left front tire has developed severe wheel creak.

Everything fits with the wheel creak issue the 07's had.
However, there is no visible pitting.

I live in South Mississippi, and there is not salt on the roads. I bought the Nitro with 6 miles on it, so it has never been anywhere near roadsalt.

My wheelweights are on the outside of my rims - ugly, but not sure if it is directly the culprit.

Will the repair method listed in the 07 service bulletin apply to my rims, or do I need to get new ones ordered?

no pics to post, as - again there is no visible pitting.

Please advise.

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Wheel Creak

Apologies if there is something lost in English US to English UK however I am interested in your post regards wheel creak.
I have just bought an SXT with OEM 20" and they are pitting from road salt already after only 1300 miles.
You mentioned this was a problem before with 07 models. Do you know how the dealer or Dodge have dealt with the problem?

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My 2007 Nitro R/T has the wheel creak after they perfromed the required TSB twice! I'm very upset with this annoying problem and the dealer doesn't want to order new wheels. I'm just might get after market wheels, but I have a lease and I don't want to put a lot of money into my Nitro...
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