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Whats up guys!? New to the forum. Ive had my Nitro for a year now and love it. Wish they were still making these trucks. Mine is a 2010 Nitro Shock 4.0L V6 RWD with a k&n cold air intake, Gibson exhaust system, all synthetic. Its fully loaded as the shock trims came. Navi, heated leather seats, sun roof, sound system etc. I put on 20 inch tsw vortex's & added aries step bars, infinity black series headlights and wrangler door handle inserts.

Let me know what you guys think...


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Hello and welcome Nics.Nitro,
to the Nitro “Z” family!
Great looking ride you have!
I'm looking forward to your future posts & Pics. We love Pics here!
We also like new Mod ideas.

Enjoy the forumZ.

If you could please go to your personal-details and fill in the “Vehicle:” info about your rig. It will be easier for us to answer your questions down the road, without us having to ask a bunch of questions.

As you can see at the left of every post I make, under my Ape Avatar;
This is what I drive:
Or alternately you could put it in your signature...

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Good to have you here. Enjoy the forum!

BTW... Good looking Nitro.
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