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does any one know if a stock Nitro does have any problems riding on 10x22 inch?? :thk:
does it have to be 9x20inch?
any one with any experince?

im pretty close to ordring a nitro...
and i got a reasonable set on my hands, with this info:
10x22inch ET35 5x114,3
295/30r22 tires...

i would really apreciate if any every one share their experince...!
Thanx a million! :smileup:

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There are members with 24"! But I understand that 22" is more "common".
Do a search at the part of the wheels and tyres mods and pictures gallery.
I am sure other members will come up with their experiences.
BTW glad you join us. Where do you live in Europe?

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im not consurned about the 22inches...
but im more consurned about the width, the 10inches, if its too wide? :thk:
allmost all nitros i can find on the net are only 9inches in width...
i have seen 1, and only 1 with 9,5x22 but still with 265/35r22 tires.
im aiming for the 295/30r22, its a easier tire to get, for me any ways. thats the tire size the vw touareg, porsche cayenne, bmw x5, mercedes ML and also some landrovers uses....

thats why in interrested in hearing some experince

btw, im from denmark... :rockon:

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I think 10inch would look sick!!

I'm riding on 9.5x22 but still with 265/35r22 tires.
It gives the Nitro a bulldog stance, like its flexing.

You may experience a little rubbing when you crank the wheel and you'll have to wash the side panels more often due to the tire sticking out of the fender.

my it!!!

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i have done some snooping :cool:

i have been at a shop, looking at a nitro
with a 265/45r20 9x20 35+offset setup
and there only is about 15-20mm off clearance between the rim (front wheel) and the lower part the suspension! :SHOCKED:
almost the same at the back, round about 20-25mm of clearance

i could get my finger in between down to the second joint.
im not sure about how many mm that is, i think its about 15-20mm

that is not alot...

when im going for a 10 inch rim, that adds another inch, 25mm - thats 12,5mm on each side.
then there is just round about 2,5-8mm of clearance!
this is starting to stink a bit :wcj: hehe

what offset are your wheels? 35+? 30+?

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People, we are talking about 22x10. The size is ok, but the width is of concern. The most I would go is 22x9, but, people will do as they want. Those who've installed 24" wheels, I would just love for them to come back after 12 months of driving, and post if they've experienced any problems.:shakehead:

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I have 24x9's... I love them... it rides better than my 22's on my chevy truck. I don't think 22x10's would fit on the nitro without them sticking out. but if you got the correct offset where it sucks em back into the fenders then I'm pretty sure they would rub something fierce.

back to the 24's... I just took them off for winter (put the stock 20s back on) the only problems I have with them are the tire senors read spiratically. specially when it started getting cold. I put 38lbs in em and they would read from 28/29 to 34 when they warmed up. Never read the actual tire pressure tho. As far as rubbing... of course they do but very little when taking sharp turns (in a parking lot). After taking them off I check the inner fenders and you don't even see where they where rubing.
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