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2007 Dodge nitro slt 3.7L 2WD

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Hey everyone! I have a 2007 dodge nitro slt 3.7L V6 2WD and I’ve been thinking about doing an engine swap however I don’t know much about cars, my dad helps me a lot. Any suggestions on which engine would be compatible? Thinking of the 2JZ, I think it’s from a Jeep Cherokee. Also, here’s a picture of my baby. I’ve only had her for 3 months now. At 206K miles right now. Going to add a lift kit and take it to get a nice detail, ceramic coat. Little details. Thanks everyone!
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there are no engine swaps which are compatible, only another 3.7l
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I suppose you could put any engine in it. It would just be a ton of work. Nitros also came with a 4.0L. That would probably be the easiest. There's at least one with an LS swap on YouTube.

Do you know what lift kit you plan on using?
There's a thread discussing the various options and attempts that have been made.
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