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Happy Turkey Day folks. I’m having overheating issues with a 2007 Nitro SLT.

Initial issues:
1. Slow radiator leak.
Kept antifreeze topped off until I could replace. Never ran hot.
2. Attempted to use Heat after summer months. Heat only worked while driving.
Checked hoses. They were fine.
Added coolant. Warmed up quicker.
3. Began to rise in temperature while sitting idle in traffic but would lower while driving.
4. Later began to rise in temperature while in Park.
Replaced thermostat. Heat worked instantly but slowly overheating.
Replaced radiator. Maintained mid temperature but still overheating.

Initially the heat wasn’t working so I assumed it was the thermostat. After replacing the thermostat the heat began to work but it still ran hot. Secondly I had a radiator leak so I replaced it as well. Still ran hot.

I assume the water pump is working well since it isn’t leaking.
I assume the newly installed thermostat is working properly.
New radiator. No longer leaking antifreeze
The heat works well.
The actuator is also working properly.
Fan is working properly.

Any ideas of what other reasons it may be? I’m stumped with this one.

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Only overheats when idling?

Hmm...99% of the time, it's the fan.

Sounds like you got an air bubble in the system if you never overheated before you replaced the radiator.
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