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Originally I was not getting any air unless I turned the ac on high, and was not getting any heat. I replaced the ac resistor and now getting air flow on all 4 levels. Still not getting any heat and now there is a clicking sound coming from behind the glove box where the blower is located. Any suggestions on what needs to the replaced?

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Welcome to the forum Andrew . When you have a chance, head over to the Newbie Section and say "Hi".
Tell us a little about yourself and your ride.
That way we can welcome you all proper like.

See this thread for no or some heat.

Also see this thread about the actuators. Mode = Floor, vent, defrost. Blend = Hot/cold. Recirculation = Outside air or inside air.
The clicking could be the Blend door actuator (post 3, #12 in the Pic).
Also see post 9 for a members fix for a stuck blend door.

Also see
For info on how to look at the blend door actuator to see if it is working. Post 6 & 8
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