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I am new to this forum. Six months ago I purchased a 2007 Nitro R/T, 4.0, black, 20" wheels, 119k miles. I am a retired engineer, have always worked on my own cars. I drove my Nitro away from a traffic light with pretty hard acceleration, and the next time I shut it off and restarted I had a CEL, that my code reader showed as P1004 ECU battery feed and power grounds. Nitro forums stated that this code is a misnomer, and on the 4.0 engine it is the short runner valve failure. I took the took the solenoid actuator off of the valve (passenger side of engine), and it was locked up. I went to moparparts and ordered the exact replacement, which is the same as on the Dodge Magnum, for 97.00. This is a solenoid to actuate, spring return device. I remounted it, and cleared the code. The engine runs fine, however the CEL code P1004 returned after the next off-on cycle. I inspected, and cleaned the harness pins, looked all around and saw nothing else to do. Cleared the code and it again reappeared. As indicated in at least one other posting, this appears to be a firmware glitch, and certainly I can buy that given the incorrect code ID. The valve itself moves freely. The engine runs fine, and seems to be cycling on hard acceleration. My choice is to ignore the CEL P1004 as a nuisance only, with no functionality. Any comments are welcome.

I have done a number of other maint/repairs, including the brake light switch, the rear wiper, AC recharge, headlamp buffing and element replacements, transmission fluid additions using a dip cable after market "tool.". This is a very solid, great performing vehicle.

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Hello and welcome @NitroArkansas, to the Nitro “Z” family!

P1004 = Short runner valve control performance
Possible causes:
Excessive resistance in the asd relay output circuit
Srv control circuit shorted to ground
Excessive resistance in the srv control circuit
Short runner valve assembly
Powertrain control module (PCM)
That is all I will post here, and more then I should have.
I'm looking forward to your future posts & Pics. We love Pics here!
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Enjoy the forumZ.

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Good to have you here. Enjoy the forum!
BTW... Post a pic of your Nitro when you can.
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