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2007 Nitro SLT Help finding a Clockspring

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I really need help finding a Clockspring for a 2007 dodge nitro 3.7L 4wd.
I ordered a Clockspring and it was the wrong one. I have an extra connection, I believe it’s for traction control . part# 56046530AE. Can anyone cross this with a current part number? The dealer will not give it to me.
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there is a specific proceedure to follow when installing a new clockspring, it's all to do with the correct steering angle, the clicking sound is most likely the ABS kicking in because it thinks the wheels are not traveling in a straight line,
its all about the steering been set straight ahead and the clockspring been installed bang on mid point,
you need a workshop manual, have some cheap downloads (about $15), all petrol Nitros are the same from 2007-2011 (apart from some small changes in the later years),
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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