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2007 Nitro SLT Help finding a Clockspring

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I really need help finding a Clockspring for a 2007 dodge nitro 3.7L 4wd.
I ordered a Clockspring and it was the wrong one. I have an extra connection, I believe it’s for traction control . part# 56046530AE. Can anyone cross this with a current part number? The dealer will not give it to me.
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rockauto lists two types:
this one pn: 5156106AC alt pn: 5156106AA, 5156106AB, 5156106AD
and this pn: 5156106AE alt pn: 5156106AD, 5156106AF, 5156106AG, 05156106AG

probably one of those?

steve white lists the first one: 5156106AC fitment includes 2007 Nitro SLT

Ebay has them for as high as 398.32 and as low as 25.92 depending on which pn you search.
Does anyone have the ability to look up the actual part number using my Vin# 1D8GU58KX7W681766 ? I don’t think any of these will work. My clock spring has three connectors in the back. The third is for, what I believe is the angle sensor for the stability control option.
Well, just googling "mopar 56046530AE" yielded some results:

an ebay listing showing pn 56046530AP, photos show a 3rd connector on the left side of the back
it lists alt pns: 56046530AA, 56046530AB, 56046530AC, 56046530AD, 56046530AE, 56046530AF, 56046530AG, 56046530AH, 56046530AI, 56046530AJ
the listing claims this part fitment includes 2007 Nitro SXT/SLT

this aliexpress listing that also seems to have the 3rd connector.
It shows alt pns of: 56046534AG With Sensor for CHRYSLER 56046534AK 56046534AG 56046648AG 56046533AD 56046217AC 56046530A
this listing claims fitment for 2008+ Nitro
the description specifies "With ESP sensor"

steve white doesn't seem to have any of these part numbers. rather curious.
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