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2008 Caravan Radio - NEW

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So with the introduction of the 2008 Caravan there is also a new Radio. This new Radio (REN) is basically the same as the MyGIG but is non-navigation. The unit looks identical to the MyGIG. I haven't seen details on the capacity of the hard drive but it lists having the ability to store 2500 songs - same as the MyGIG. Anyways, I did some searching and came up with some part numbers. I have yet to see if the electrical connectors are the same as in the Nitro, but what I did see are the same 22 and 10 way connectors. Also of interest is this unit is capable of using the factory back-up camera. So this may become another option for us Nitro owners. If I find out more info one was or the other I'll post it here. :smileup:

Part numbers that I've come up with so far are as follows:


And from what I've seen these units are significantly cheaper then the MyGIG. :smileup:
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How much?

The question much is this comparible mygig unit from the caravan?

I would say the best bang for your buck is that pioneer avic dvd/navigation unit
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