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2008 Caravan Radio - NEW

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So with the introduction of the 2008 Caravan there is also a new Radio. This new Radio (REN) is basically the same as the MyGIG but is non-navigation. The unit looks identical to the MyGIG. I haven't seen details on the capacity of the hard drive but it lists having the ability to store 2500 songs - same as the MyGIG. Anyways, I did some searching and came up with some part numbers. I have yet to see if the electrical connectors are the same as in the Nitro, but what I did see are the same 22 and 10 way connectors. Also of interest is this unit is capable of using the factory back-up camera. So this may become another option for us Nitro owners. If I find out more info one was or the other I'll post it here. :smileup:

Part numbers that I've come up with so far are as follows:


And from what I've seen these units are significantly cheaper then the MyGIG. :smileup:
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So, I finally put aside some time and installed the REN version of the MyGIG. The radio is true Plug and Play. The unit doesn't have the NAV and comes with a 30GB hard drive. Approximately 17GB available for music/picture files.

Nice factory upgrade for under $1000. :)
NitroTech, father bought one of those Grand Caravans with the REN. He just bought a RER and I planned on taking his REN. So, what you're saying is that it WILL work in my Nitro with no problems, right? His Caravan does have the back-up feature and I do not...that gonna be a problem?

Thanks for the reply NitroTech,
Would it be possible to get some pics of the new radio???
The REN is just like this, but minus the GPS feature.
Okay...just finished installing my new REN and it is truly plug-n-play. Everything works to include the steering wheel controls.
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