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Hello, long story short is my 2008 dodge nitro currently has a basic dash cluster with 130k miles on it, I pulled an upgraded one from the junk yard and it does function and work as advertised with all the nice features like what door is open, compass ability (still working on connecting the computer data line to the dash for communication but have the wiring diagram so wont be long after I get the dash in before I get them talking.) TPMS readings, nice little dodge logo on startup and more. Problem is that the new dash reads 190k miles on it, so I dont want a millage discrepancy on my car from the DMV or have my car showing the wrong miles vs what the body computer says it has (which currently differs from my current dash by just under 1k miles... weird but alright).

With that said, I have some good experience with reprogramming EPROM chips, which is where I believe the millage to be stored at on the cluster. My question is has anyone else had experience in this or does anyone have the circuit board layout for the dash clusters?

Yes I'm fully aware of the legal complications with reprogramming vehicle mileage, this is only to do a cluster swap NOT rewinding millage :)

Thanks in advanced!
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