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I just bought my 08 Nitro about a month go and have driven it daily with no problems, until today. I drove it work this morning with no issues and no indicator lights on. About an hour and a half I come out to my car on break and my car won't start. It makes a slight clicking noise when turning the key over. I was able to unlock my doors with the remote on my key. The lights and radio would come on when trying to turn the key over. I tried to jump the battery with my jump box and also had a co worker try to jump with jumper cables and it just made the same clicking noise .I was able to lock my car up with my key. The motor is a 3.7, I'm a single and need to get my car fixed as cheap as I possibly can. I've had people suggest my starter being the cause, but I'm not sure. Would the starter just go out like that with no warning whatsoever? It has started right up, not heard any unusual noises and has driven great. Any ideas on what's wrong with my car and how to fix it?? I should mention that that I just had a complete oil change done about 2 weeks ago and they also checked my battery level and it passed. Any help would be appreciated! !

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Welcome to the forum Katy. When you have a chance, head over to the Newbie Section and say "Hi".
Tell us a little about yourself and your ride.
That way we can welcome you all proper like.

When trying to start the Nitro, listed to these 2 relays in the TIPM(computerized fuse box). You can also put your finger on them to feel for a click.
K3= Starter Solenoid & K4= Start/Run

Make sure the battery cables are clean and tight on the battery as well as on the starter. Use CAUTION when checking the starter cables! Always disconnect the Neg(-) battery cable, isolate it and wait 10 minutes before you start to work on the Nitro!
If you disconnect the battery, disconnect the Neg(-) first then the Pos(+).
Reconnect the battery cables Pos(+) first, then the Neg(-). This sequence is VERY important!

If you us a metal wrench on the + cable to the starter, with the battery still connected, and happen to touch the wrench to any other metal, it will short out. At the very least it will spark, at the worst it could fry one of the computers, and or also cause a burn to your hands.

At the back of the engine compartment(fire wall) there is a ground strap that comes from the engine and is attached to the fire wall. Make sure it is clean and tight as well. Look closely at the strap for corrosion.

Check the fuses in the TIPM for any that are popped/no good.
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