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2008 Nitropalooza Meet General Discussion

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Hey everyone,

We (canadianlimey and Waldorf) are hoping to hold a Nitro meet next year and are trying to find out how many people would be interested in attending. More than likely it will be in or around the Niagara Falls area. Having it there means easy access for the Ontario, New York, Michigan, Ohio and Pensylvania members (hey that means you dk). Obviously all members are welcome to attend.
This is only in it's early stages of thought and nothing has been set in stone so any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Graham & John.
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Great Idea guys. I think I cannot be present with my Nitro, but you never know... Perhaps we can set up another meeting in Europe later. Keep us updated please. Good luck!
hey Dutch,
why can't you be there? Is there an ocean between us or something? :wavey:
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You can count us in anytime! Thats a trip we plan to take anyway!
That's awesome Terry! We would love to see you and maybe Ken can be convinced too! I'm seriously thinking of a roadtrip to NC to get duals added to my RT! :D
Keep me updated guys! I would love to have a pix of Waldorf's Blue between two Oranges ! :Na_Na_Na_Na:
That would be cool, a rose between two thorns! :chuckle: I photoshopped this for you Dave:

You will have to admire this photo until we can get the real thing next summer!!:wavey:
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uhm...Walmart! Naw, that's already taken! :chuckle:
I think Walgreen is better. Green with envy about our Orange nitro's..
no way! I love my electric blue thank-you very much! That's why they give us a colour choice so that people like me can say I'm glad I didn't get "THAT" colour! :Na_Na_Na_Na:
Anyway back to reality, it seems we have some interest in our project. :)
We should call it project 'Niagara Nitro' mwhahaha..sorry trying to be like Dr Evil.
or maybe the "Alan Parson's Project"??? woo-ha-ha-ha!!
G' Day eh?!:wave: That sounds like a great idea! :smileup: I'll start saving right away! Love to see a lot full of NITROS! :leb:Hope every body signs up!
it will be great to meet you NK! Once we get a sense of the numbers interested, we can decide where to meet and where to stay, etc. and we will get that info out in this thread!

This is going to be great! :D
Lets call it " do blue Nitros float" I will volunteer my wife to take it over the falls :chuckle:
not only does it float, but it flies too!! :ura1:
Don't forget about me some how I want to get to Nitrostock! ( I missed out on Woodstock, planed to go but didn't make it) :4-powerup:
I was just going to write to you Graham, what about our buddy from upstate NY!!!! :Racing:
well the wife already agreed, when do you guys plan on it? I think during the middle of july would be great since pretty much everybody gets time off around that time of the year, and even if I go to the 'Ghan, i'de be able to be there!!!
Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. We haven't nailed down the date yet, we are gathering interest from members at this point, but we were thinking June/July timeframe for sure!

We definitely will keep everybody posted as things progress. :smileup:
I was almost half way there today ( I Wanted to keep going ;))
You could've check out the locations for us! Next time you go for a drive, keep going to Hamilton!!! :pepper:
On top of it, we should try to stay at the same hotel, just so we can get a group discount!!! Personally i don't really care i get government rate, but some other members might be interested in that, i used them meet as an excuse to my wife, just so we can take our daughter to Marine Land, i'm so bad.....mouhahahaahah
Thanks for your input and ideas! They are most appreciated! We plan on offering a list of locations that are preferred on both sides of the border. We will look into getting some sort of discount for those who could use it! :pepper:
I think we in the US have to have passports now to go to Canada :i_rolleyes:
I believe that restriction come into play in 2009 if you are driving across the border. You need passports to fly now. I will double check that information and will make a note to include it in the Nitropalooza 2008 flyer that will be available early next year. Thanks for your interest and ideas, everything will help us make this a great event for our Nitro members in the area. :D
This is what I've found about passport requirements to re-enter USA:
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Thanks Waldorf! :smileup:
so, depending on when DHS decides to implement that new rule, it might or might not impact Nitropalooza 2008! As long as we make everyone aware of the rules, them we can all enjoy events and sights on BOTH sides of the border!

See you all at NITROPALOOZA 2008!! :Racing:
Yeh guys, were thinking of holding events on both sides. As I said before still in it's early stages and much thinking and planning still to do.

But just to give you a teaser, we'd like to do a couple of cruises up and down the Niagara escarpment, maybe a picnic, the obvious BIG meet 'n' greet, dinner etc etc. There's lot to do at the Falls anyway so it won't be all Nitro.
you mean cruise up and down the Niagara River, right? :SHOCKED:
I know your into modding now, but when did you make yours float..:chuckle:
didn't you see the picture in my gallery of my Nitro going over the Falls! :chuckle:
I thought that was in my dreams..
you're just jealous that Blue Nitro's float and Orange ones sink like a rock!
What ever floats your boat! :chuckle:
It's actually NITROPALOOZA 2008!!!
no way, how about this:

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