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2008 Nitropalooza Meet General Discussion

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Hey everyone,

We (canadianlimey and Waldorf) are hoping to hold a Nitro meet next year and are trying to find out how many people would be interested in attending. More than likely it will be in or around the Niagara Falls area. Having it there means easy access for the Ontario, New York, Michigan, Ohio and Pensylvania members (hey that means you dk). Obviously all members are welcome to attend.
This is only in it's early stages of thought and nothing has been set in stone so any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Graham & John.
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Hey dk, like I said we're in the early stages so any input would be great.
I would also love to get together with you all so thats why we're trying to set something up.
That's great Terry, I look forward to meeting you...:rep:
That would be cool, a rose between two thorns! :chuckle: I photoshopped this for you Dave:

You will have to admire this photo until we can get the real thing next summer!!:wavey:
Have you changed your name to rose??? Is there something you aren't telling us Waldorf..:rofl:
Yeh sounds better than Rosedorf..:chuckle:
G' Day eh?!:wave:

That sounds like a great idea! :smileup: I'll start saving right away! Love to see a lot full of NITROS! :leb:Hope every body signs up! :lam:
After working weekend nights for 10 years it would be nice to do a weekend thing @ "The Falls". :shrk: :alc:

I'll get so see what people do who work weekdays .... cause I sure do not remember! :eek:ld:
Oh .... to be young again .... and be able to remember things! :rockon:

Hope to see you all @ "The Falls" :beerchug:
Great news NK SNAPR. As soon as we get some more ideas on what, where and when we'll let you know.

Walgreen? no thats taken too, ok how about Walblue? :rolleyes:
I think Walgreen is better. Green with envy about our Orange nitro's..
Anyway back to reality, it seems we have some interest in our project. :)
We should call it project 'Niagara Nitro' mwhahaha..sorry trying to be like Dr Evil.
Ok, so far we have...

canadianlimey and Waldorf - organizers

and interest from (in alphabetical order)


any more???
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Don't forget about me some how I want to get to Nitrostock! ( I missed out on Woodstock, planed to go but didn't make it) :4-powerup:
You're on board buddy. Sorry for the omission...:158:
I would defenitly be there, as long as i am not in Afghanistan!!!

Hope to see you there....Niagara Falls that is...:)
Hey Michigan members, Niagara Falls ain't that far for you guys. Only 4hrs drive. We can meet in Windsor and drive the 401 in convoy..:Racing:

Im in for coming down. Then ill be off to the casino! haha
Sticky'd your thread guys, so it stays at the top for everyone to see!! :smileup:
Thanks for that NitroTech, the more who see it the better.....rep points to follow.

Come on peeps, get to Nitropalooza 2008 and meet Waldorf and his two sidekicks...:3stooges:
Yes folks, I think June/July would be best. Way too hot and humid here in August. We'll keep you all posted as soon as we can and thanks to everyone so far for the interest.

Just to let you know so far we have invited 45 members from this area and we have just under 20 who are definites and very interested with a few maybe's if the timing is right.
We still have a lot of work to do in the weeks to come, but be assured it will be a fantastic weekend...
And then to Windsor..:Racing:
Yeh guys, were thinking of holding events on both sides. As I said before still in it's early stages and much thinking and planning still to do.

But just to give you a teaser, we'd like to do a couple of cruises up and down the Niagara escarpment, maybe a picnic, the obvious BIG meet 'n' greet, dinner etc etc. There's lot to do at the Falls anyway so it won't be all Nitro.
you mean cruise up and down the Niagara River, right? :SHOCKED:
I know your into modding now, but when did you make yours float..:chuckle:
didn't you see the picture in my gallery of my Nitro going over the Falls! :chuckle:
I thought that was in my dreams..

It's actually NITROPALOOZA 2008!!!
I had to do that otherwise you orange winers would cry all night!!! :Na_Na_Na_Na:

winners has two n's....;)
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