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I'm in need if help, so when I turn off my car at night I now see (I don't know car term words please bear with me) on my 2 dashboard cluster I think it's called. The one that shows the milage on the far right and the one on the left of the 3 there's a block of red lines like the led back lighting hopefully the pix and video will upload to show u. Now once I pull the key out open n shut the door as if I'm going to lock it up they are lite up after about a 2 to 3 min they turn off and I hear what I think is the computer shutting down then if u hit the brakes my stero buttons and the 3 knows under it flash and the red lines on both sides come back on . Is this a problem.
Also my passenger window if I hit the button once quickly to roll it down about an inch it just goes down a hair I hit it again it does the same thing now a 3rd time the window goes up , I've tried to hold the window button down long press and it goes up or won't go down. My husband pushes the window lock and depresses it and my button works as it should. Has anyone encountered these problems.
It gets better my double den car stero with screen , my navigation says at first I'm in SC (I live in NC) I had to take off the battery terminals for 30 mon it reset but now I'm in Ohio. The navigation can't find signal what so ever and my it won't find my voice to make calls or even hook up my phone. I've tired straight to plug it in with USB to my phone and nothing. I even changed and got a new antenna.
I just paid 6k for this now all these problems. Sorry for the long questions. Thought I'd put it all in one not 3 separate posts. Thanks in advance.
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