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4.0 Oil Pan

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Ok fellow Nitro owners. I have been looking for an oil pan for my 2007 Nitro RT 4.0 V6 and have had no luck finding one. I know there is one (or a few) out there that I can get. I am in dire need of one a.s.a.p. I don't care too much about the price. I just don't want to have to buy a new engine. PLEASE HELP ME?!
The part number is 4892228AB.
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You might need to search the nationwide pick-n-pull sites.
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It almost feels like the 4.0 is a pariah, no aftermarket support for it, no OE parts for it either anymore. Didn't they sell a few million of them across the fleet between the minivans, vans, and nitro?
From experience, just because a part is listed as available on any Mopar parts website, doesn't mean they have one in stock that they can sell you. You may order and pay for it and then receive an email stating it is out of stock and get a refund. I learned this the hard way. Many Mopar parts disappear when a discontinued model is 10 years or so old. Seems random as to what parts become unavailable.
I've had the same happen to me numerous times.
Recently I tried to buy a front axle shaft. Out of stock nationwide. I placed orders on half a dozen mopar parts sites, each cancelled the order in a day or two saying it was back ordered.
I finally had a local dealer put in an order for me. It finally arrived 6 months later. During the months, it kept showing up as en-route then getting delayed another week--over and over.
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